A Family of Faith

For children ages 5 through 18.  This program provides parents the resources to teach their faith to their children within the ordinary life of the family.  The ‘class time’ is Sunday Mass (at a time convenient for them). In addition, there will be a resource available for parents to help them in preparing for the liturgy as a family as a family. Once a month there will be a meeting for parents that will introduce material to them.  They will be provided with a book that offers short 5-10 minute activities that can be done with their children.  The parent decides which activities are developmentally appropriate for their children.  The program follows a four year cycle (the Creed, sacraments, Christian living and prayer).  The program then repeats itself as the experience and development of the family has grown it still provides a fruitful experience of catechesis and spiritual growth.  In addition, afternoon ‘retreat’ days will be offered throughout the year that families can participate in.


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