FaithWays is for those students in grades 6-8.  FaithWays is designed as a comprehensive, integrated faith formation program for young adolescents and is closely aligned and integrated with our Youth Ministry program.  By accessing the resources, people and ministries of the parish community, FaithWays actively engages young adolescents in exploring what it means to “belong” to the Church, and to contribute as valuable members of the parish. The program utilizes four different curricular forms, each highlighting a distinct aspect of what is involved in “being Catholic.” 

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In the Teaching curriculum, young adolescents will explore the story of our Catholic faith through age-appropriate interactive learning sessions. Adult Learning Guides facilitate the sessions which are designed around major themes of The Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

The Service curriculum engages young adolescents in reflecting on the Christian call to serve others through learning sessions which explore Scripture and Catholic social teaching. To deepen their understanding of justice and service, and connect learning with living, participants will engage in a variety of service opportunities with peers, their family and the parish community. 

The Prayer and Worship curriculum provides opportunities for young adolescents to learn about liturgy, prayer and sacraments. Participants will engage in a variety of prayer experiences, and help prepare worship services that involve the parish community. 

Through the Community curriculum young adolescents will discover the value of belonging to a caring Christian community as they develop positive relationships with peers and adults. Through a variety of opportunities, participants will both benefit from and contribute to the ongoing process of building community with their peers, their families and the entire parish. 

FaithWays runs year ‘round and is integrated into the Youth Ministry program here at St George. There are two required programs per year (total of 14 hours) Students may then select from optional programs to complete the 30 credit hours of programming required each year.  In addition, students are required to complete 5 hours of service projects each year. Students who earn 60 credit hours over the three years of the FaithWays program will enter the Confirmation Prep program.  

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