The Journey to Truth and Life 

Catholicism Series4

Utilizing the Catholicism Series by Bishop Robert Barron, learn what Catholics believe and why. Discover the full meaning of the faith. The Journey to Truth and Life is an online theological reflection that utilizes videos, blogs and other resources to help participants grow in a deeper knowledge of Catholic theology and, most importantly, their relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Journey to Truth and Life involves watching a video on some aspect of the Catholic Faith and participating in a discussion through a blog and other platforms.  We realize that as college students that you probably aren't looking to take a theology course.  The material though isn't taxing and in fact you may be surprised that you find yourself energized!

Each week we invite participants to watch an episode from the Catholicism series.
Go to  and set up a profile. It will ask you for a parish code - Request  code here.

Click on Programs, and watch the appropriate video.  

If you have any questions, contact Fr. David or Deacon Frank .

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