Charis-Logo41A Charis Retreat is a peer-oriented retreat for young adults to explore their relationship with God.  We live such hectic and harried lives that we become too busy for God and too busy to re-engage with the vital question on our hearts.  Catholics know Jesus but they don’t know him in an intimate and vibrant way.  A Charis Retreat is an open invitation for you to encounter the Risen Christ.

CHARIS MINISTRIES is a Jesuit ministry to those in their 20s & 30s. 

The word “Charis” (pronounced Ka-ris) is from the Greek and can be translated as “grace” or “special presence of the Divine.” Charis Ministries strives to help young adults to see this grace in all aspects of their lives. St. Ignatius of Loyola challenges us to find God in all things. Our events give young adults the opportunity to find this grace in the midst of their relationships, careers, struggles, and joys.

Founded in 2000, Charis Ministries is based in Chicago but serves young adults and those who minister to them nationwide through the Charis Partner Program. Members of the Partner Program offer Charis retreats in cities throughout the country. The Diocese of Fall River Campus Ministry/UMass Dartmouth Catholic Campus Ministry is a partner site of Charis Ministries.  All Charis Retreats are peer oriented and led.

There are a number of Charis Retreats that are offered in the Diocese of Fall River:

If you are interested in participating on our CORE TEAM (Adults and Young Adults) or RETREAT TEAMS (Young adults with retreat team experience), please contact Deacon Frank Lucca at Catholic Campus Ministry, 508-999-8872 or on campus at extension 8872 or .

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